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Session 86: Making Videos II - Editing

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When using video for instruction, remember who your audience is:



Here are a few economics instructional videos:


The Good...
The Bad...
And the... well, you know.



Take a few minutes right now to think about how you see yourself using video for teaching and learning.

Would you be creating the video?  If so, would you be in front of the camera, or use another technique (e.g. series of photo images with voiceover)?  Or would you have students create video projects? If so, what form would that take? Feel free to peruse the links below for ideas!! 



  • Financial Aid Help Guides, Advertising/Marketing Class/Course with student testimonials, Promotional videos, Class/group projects...



Sources for ideas on using video in the classroom:


Considering a Student Video Project?

Here are a few useful resources to look at:


You can easily make your own instructional video using a pocket camcorder, or your digital camera, or your cell phone, or your tablet, or...!



WE WON'T BE RECORDING ANY VIDEO TODAY, but we have some video clips that you can download to practice editing:

  • clip 1 (Ninja Cat - 11 seconds .mov file)
  • clip 2 (Dust Storm - 1 minute 30 seconds .mp4 file)



There are lots of them out there - we've provided you with resources for three good tools:

SESSION 43A: Editing your video with Windows Movie Maker.

SESSION 43B: Editing your video with YouTube video editor.

SESSION 43C: Editing your video with WeVideo online video editor.


  • Remember that one of the nice things about YouTube is that you can copy the code or just the URL and embed any video in your Learning Management System (LMS) -- in our case, Canvas.  
  • Instructure Guides Reference sheet: Embed YouTube Video in Canvas.



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