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Canvas Student Survey Results

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(N = 117)


"How easy/difficult was it for you to learn (and use) Canvas?"


"What would be helpful for students who are using Canvas for the first time?"


"What would you consider the BEST feature(s) of Canvas?"

"What would you consider the WORST feature(s) of Canvas?"

"Give advice to instructors who are using Canvas - things they SHOULD do:"

"Give advice to instructors using Canvas - things they SHOULD NOT do:"

"Overall, how well do you like Canvas?"

"Other Comments/recommendations?"

  • I like it so much better than blackboard.
  • Fix the notification section, so old notifications or assignments go away on the home page and only relevant information takes up the space.
  • CANVAS needs themes :)
  • Train the teachers how to really work with canvas.
  • Canvas is 100 times better than Blackboard!!!
  • While I do love Canvas, it does depend on the teacher using it sometimes.
  • Canvas, as a whole is a good system to use. It is easy to understand and is never down or having technical issues. It does its job as it should but I think I still prefer blackboard over canvas.
  • Make an app possibly?
  • I recommend that Canvas be tied in with Student Email. It is a pain having to check both frequently. I do not want to have to "Delete" the same notification twice. I also recommend that Canvas be more appealing to the eye and contain things particular to our school. Such as News, and Events coming up.
  • I think black board was a little bit better then canvas.
  • maybe an icon legend so when you see an image say of the typewriter you could reference that your assignment was received and being graded. If they have this feature I did not across it
  • None to report at this time, I feel Canvas is very user-friendly and relatively easy to navigate through.
  • Make sure the student understands before a quiz or test that once the assignments are open they are not able to be opened again. I made the mistake before thinking that I was able to open an assignment more then once.
  • Keep up the great work
  • Pay some money to have it upgraded. Way out of date and the mobile/tablet apps need some serious work. The young generation expects a better service with today's technology.
  • Canvas is an overall easy tool to use for online students and it has made my educational experience a great one.
  • Please make using Canvas a requirement by all teachers.



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