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Session 65: Doceri

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Doceri is a FREE iPad application that allows instructors to design and record lectures within the iPad. While this on its own is an interesting tool, a download of the desktop mirroring software ($30) can convert the iPad into a mobile whiteboard with the added functionality of any software that the computer provides.

  • Live annotation of Powerpoint, Keynote, Prezi presentations
  • Record lectures: Absent students? send them a link to the lecture video.


This session should allow instructors the base knowledge to:

1. Use the doceri iPad app

  • manipulate writing implement style, color
  • Draw/erase
  • Select different backgrounds


2. Link the app to the desktop

  • Run powerpoint, annotate notes
  • Record and post lectures


Please feel free to check out Mike's youtube channel: cgcChemMike for example lecture videos from is courses. Also available on that site is the linked video below that was based on the presentation given at the All Fac Mtg at Williams in Spring 2015.


January 2015 Presentation by Mike to CGC: (powerpoint slides here: Doceri talk.ppt)


Doceri 2.0 Overview: (from Doceri)


Using Doceri as an assistive technology (article):






"See what you can do with Doceri" (page includes sample lessons):



"8 Apps to Turn your iPad into a Digital Whiteboard" (article)





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