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Session 57: Boost Your Canvas Course Appeal

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Canvas Course Samples 


  • Discussion: Look through the following courses. Which do you prefer? Why?


Theology - Calvin Theological Seminary




Oceanography - demo




Medical Mission Service Training - demo




Early British Literary History - demo



Intro to Skateboarding (hybrid) - demo



Design of Web-based Products and Services -  Wharton



Sandbox - McGlasson



Economics - McGlasson




Creating your Canvas Home Page


The default in Canvas for your course Home Page is "Recent Activity Stream" view.

If you are anything like me, you want the Home Page -- the first page your students will see when they go to your course -- to say something about that course.


You may want to consider including the following information on the Home Page of your Canvas course:

  • Course number and name
  • Section
  • Instructor name
  • Location/time
  • "Getting Started"


To create a customized Home Page:

  • go to the Home Page
  • click on the "Change Home Page Layout" link
  • select "a Page I'll Design Myself" from the pulldown menu
  • click the "Update Layout" button, and you'll be prompted to start editing!


Picture Picture




Customizing Your Home Page - A Couple of Tricks


Trick#1: Use Images

OK, so it isn't much of a "trick," but Canvas is an unexpected treasure trove when it comes to finding images to use. Watch this video demo to see how to quickly access Creative Commons licensed images or other web-based images using Canvas. Be sure to cite your images appropriately!! (Alternatively, you can upload your own images, and not have to worry about citations...)



Trick#2: Use Tables

So now you know how to find/use images to spruce up the Home Page, but what if you just can't quite get the text to align properly with the image? Use a table! In this video demo, I show you how to create a two-cell table -- one cell for the image, the other cell for the text:





Other useful resource videos:


Useful Canvas Guides:


Work time!

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