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Session 48: Productivity Tools

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I've had several faculty ask me about a good online tool for scheduling face-to-face student conferences, and I found that of the tools I looked at, Acuity Scheduling worked the best. I like that the student doesn't need an account, and that the interface for selecting a day and time for the appointment is the cleanest.



I don't even teach a writing class, and I find student citations can be somewhat... challenged. EasyBib allows the student to enter a web source, and it creates the citation in the selected format (MLA is free to use on EasyBib; APA and Chicago require an upgrade to the paid version). Try it!





Want to do your part to help with Maricopa's paper reduction commitment? Try PrintWhatYouLike, which enables you to select certain parts of a web page to print. For a brief intro on how to use it, watch this EduTecher video (or use this handout as a guide):




Now take a few minutes to try PrintWhatYouLike for yourself!



iPadio allows you to call in from any phone to make a recording -- AND it creates a transcript of the recording for you!

Here's what an embedded recording looks like. Notice that the transcript of the audio isn't perfect, but it's pretty darn close, and I can go in and manually edit the one or two minor errors:






Join.me is an INSANELY easy way to share your computer screen with collaborators -- with a simple click of the "Share" button on the Join.me site, you create a shareable link that others can use so that they can see your computer screen on their computers.


ACTIVITY: Find yourself a partner!

  • One of you will be the Moderator - use the "Moderating a Join.me Session" handout. Here are your tasks:
    • Create a Join.me session to share your screen.
    • Invite your partner to participate in the session.
    • Open the chat dialogue box, and begin the dialogue.
    • Share control of your screen with your partner. 
    • Take back control of the screen.
    • Share a file with your partner (just select an image file from the computer you are working on).
    • When you and your partner have completed all of your tasks, end the session.


  • One of you will be the Participant  - use the "Participating in a Join.me Session" handout. Here are your tasks:
    • Once the moderator has given you the session information (i.e., the 9-digit session code), join the session.
    • Open the chat dialogue box, and chat with your partner.
    • Zoom in on the screen being shared with you.
    • When the moderator has shared control with you, practice navigating your partner's screen.
    • Your partner will take back the control; now request control from the moderator.
    • Share a file with your partner (just select an image file from the computer you are working on).
    • Exit the session.


When you have finished your session, it's time to switch roles -- the partner that previously was the Moderator will become the Participant, and the former participant now becomes the moderator.  Once again, each person needs to complete the tasks assigned to his/her role before the session is ended.



Now that each of you has had a chance to step into both roles, how might you use Join.me to facilitate learning in your courses?



Click here to complete the evaluation survey!



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