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First Tuesday: Cookies and QM

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"QM means you can't teach your class the way you want to."

FICTION! QM is NOT about how you teach your class, but rather the design of the layout of your course -- best practices to improve student success.

"If you are following CGCC syllabus guidelines, you are already started on the QM path."

FACT! The CGCC syllabus guidelines specify elements that need to be included in your syllabus in order to allow students to be as successful as possible in your course. Many of these are the same elements recommended by QM to optimize student success!

"With QM, your course is being judged."

FICTION! The QM process is simply a continuous improvement process -- when your course is up for review, the panel gives you feedback based on national best practices to help you improve the design of your course to maximize student success.

"Ben's cookies are better than Mary's."

T.B.D. ...




To access the QM Rubric go to Inside> Technology> Documents (bottom lower right), or 

 Click here and enter MEID and password if prompted.



Click here to complete the workshop evaluation survey!



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