Session 37: Google Forms 2012 Update



Why use Google Forms?

(Soon to be "Google Sheets") 



How would YOU use Google Forms?

Here's a sample survey, just to show you one of each type of question that's available to you through this tool: 



Create your own Google Form

Now it's your turn - use the questions that you brought with you to create your OWN survey! Log in at, or your personal gmail account. If you need guidance, here are some handouts and video demos to get you started:


How to Navigate to Google Forms


How to Create & Edit a Survey in Google Forms


How to Share Your Google Forms Survey


Reuse an existing Google Form

How to Reuse a Google Forms Survey (and re-set the Response Counter)

Reusing a Google Forms survey is as easy as 1-2-3:

     1. Make a copy of the original survey:



     2. Re-name the survey:

     3. Delete rows containing any previous response data:



You're done!! Now you have a "clean" version of your survey to use:


Look what else you can do with Google Forms...


Create a Self-Grading Assessment

You can't use Google Forms to grade anything fancy, so don't get excited about not having to grade those research papers. A Google Forms assessment can "grade itself" by comparing student responses to answer key responses that you have specified - this means that essay responses are out.


You can only use this method for certain types of questions - multiple choice is hands-down the best for this method. Choosing a short-answer question might work, if the response is a clear, one-word answer; even this is risky, though, because the answer will be case-sensitive, responses may include spelling errors, etc. A short-answer question also might work for something like a math problem, where the student needs to solve and provide a numeric answer. Again, this could be prone to typos, so multiple choice is best.



Create a "Logic-Branching" Assessment

Google Forms has a VERY cool feature that allows you to direct your respondents to different sets of questions based on how they respond to a particular question. For example, I give my students an unemployment survey, and the logic chain goes something like this:

"Did you work for pay last week?"


Here's how it looks when you are editing the question in Google Forms (this only works for a Multiple Choice question) - just be sure to check the box that says "Go to page based on answer":



When I used my old survey tool, there was no way to re-direct students based on a particular response, but with the Google Forms version, I can!! Try the survey, and see what you think.



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