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Session 37: Google Forms 2012 Update

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Why use Google Forms?

(Soon to be "Google Sheets") 

  • It's EASY!!!!
  • It's FREE!!!! Unlimited surveys, unlimited responses.
  • It's flexible - you can embed the entire form in a web page, or you can use the link to the form within an email or in a webpage.
  • The format of the survey results is more streamlined, and easier to interpret and read than results from a Blackboard survey.
  • The survey results are automatically fed to a spreadsheet that you can use much like excel (in fact, Google Forms now has a "download as excel file" option), whereas with Blackboard results you need to download a CSV file and etc., etc. .  . . .
  • Option to receive email notification immediately with each individual response, or just once a day ("daily digest").
  • Option to make results private or public.
  • Share survey with colleagues, and they can view the results and/or edit the survey, based on permission settings.
  • Many of the question types available are "mobile-friendly" (we don't recommend the scale or grid questions for a mobile survey), so respondents can participate in the survey via smart phone.



How would YOU use Google Forms?

Here's a sample survey, just to show you one of each type of question that's available to you through this tool: 



Create your own Google Form

Now it's your turn - use the questions that you brought with you to create your OWN survey! Log in at http://google.maricopa.edu, or your personal gmail account. If you need guidance, here are some handouts and video demos to get you started:


How to Navigate to Google Forms


How to Create & Edit a Survey in Google Forms


How to Share Your Google Forms Survey


Reuse an existing Google Form

How to Reuse a Google Forms Survey (and re-set the Response Counter)

Reusing a Google Forms survey is as easy as 1-2-3:

     1. Make a copy of the original survey:



     2. Re-name the survey:

     3. Delete rows containing any previous response data:



You're done!! Now you have a "clean" version of your survey to use:


Look what else you can do with Google Forms...


Create a Self-Grading Assessment

You can't use Google Forms to grade anything fancy, so don't get excited about not having to grade those research papers. A Google Forms assessment can "grade itself" by comparing student responses to answer key responses that you have specified - this means that essay responses are out.


You can only use this method for certain types of questions - multiple choice is hands-down the best for this method. Choosing a short-answer question might work, if the response is a clear, one-word answer; even this is risky, though, because the answer will be case-sensitive, responses may include spelling errors, etc. A short-answer question also might work for something like a math problem, where the student needs to solve and provide a numeric answer. Again, this could be prone to typos, so multiple choice is best.



Create a "Logic-Branching" Assessment

Google Forms has a VERY cool feature that allows you to direct your respondents to different sets of questions based on how they respond to a particular question. For example, I give my students an unemployment survey, and the logic chain goes something like this:

"Did you work for pay last week?"

  • If yes > How many hours? > Done with survey.
  • If no > Did you look for work?
    • If yes > Done with survey.
    • If no > What did you do with most of your time? > Done with survey.


Here's how it looks when you are editing the question in Google Forms (this only works for a Multiple Choice question) - just be sure to check the box that says "Go to page based on answer":



When I used my old survey tool, there was no way to re-direct students based on a particular response, but with the Google Forms version, I can!! Try the survey, and see what you think.



Click here to complete the workshop evaluation survey!


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