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Session 14: Review, recap, refresh

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What's all the Fuss about Facebook?


Facebook for Educators from Inigral Inc. on Vimeo.


While the video above addresses a lot of advantages to using Facebook, are there disadvantages? Here's an interesting video regarding the "Terms of Agreement" for Facebook -- once you've agreed, what rights do the Terms entitle Facebook to? Should you be concerned about privacy? What can Facebook do with original works that you've posted?


CGCC now has its own Facebook page; you've probably noticed that a "facebook" button showed up on the homepage of the college website this year. To learn more about the CGCC Facebook page, click here.


Speed Bump


Now it's your turn to create something new in Facebook:


"Technology Tuesdays" Questions for the Facilitators

These are questions that have emerged over the semester; most came from the workshop evaluations:


  • More time! 
  • Need to practice the concepts. 
  • Need time to digest this
  • Need to attend the open labs so I can review HOW to use what I have learned 
  • I think it is just that I need more time.
  • The only thing I could think of is more time, which is solved by the free time next Tuesday.
  • A follow up session, maybe next Tuesday, answering specific questions and challenges about the material given today
  • I just need more time and practice to assimilate this.
  • I just need more time in my life to play with these great tools.
  • Time to work on this stuff, like we have on the off Tuesdays, so everything is perfect.
  • How to find the time to incorporate these tools into our class assignments.

This was such a common theme throughout the year that Linda & I established "Open Lab" sessions in the 3:00-4:00 time slot on the "non-workshop" Tuesdays. Anyone who wanted to was welcome to come and play (Linda was also on hand to try to answer any Blackboard questions folks had during these Open Lab sessions), ask questions, or bounce ideas off of us.


Here's the thing, though; for the past few lab sessions, there were two people in attendance -- if you include Linda & myself. Are the Open Labs still a good idea? Is there something else that we can do to help, instead? We'd appreciate your suggestions. As Linda is fond of saying, "Help us help you!"



  • A bit more time spent on each topic.
  • It would've been great to spend more time working on each thing more.
Hmmm - we've asked people about having a longer session, and the feeling is that if the session is longer than one hour, faculty would be unable to commit to the workshops. This leaves a couple of options: if you can carve out the extra time, Linda & I always stay for an additional half hour after the workshop has ended. Each of you is more than welcome to stay and keep playing. The second option is that we can include fewer tools in each workshop but spend more time on each one -- after all, sometimes less is more! Again, we really need your input as to how we can best assist you.
  • iTunesU
  • g-cast and blogger
  • I'm interested in how to use a photo blog for mathematics.
  • More applications for polling.
  • More on podcasts, more on building easy websites...similiar to pb.wiki
  • I would like to spend more time playing with the cell phone tools.
  • I'd like to learn more about the Adobe text tools.
  • I would like to explore more fully developing a course wiki.
  • Maybe Second Life.  I ventured into Second Life, but I couldn't figure out how to get to a specific world. 
  • More functionality with DimDim
  • Need to set up facebook...don't know how.
  • Second life -- I just don't really get it. It sounds like just another video game, so I don't quite understand why or how it would be useful, other than for fun.
  • I would like to continue learning more about new features.
  •  I want more! :)
  • Teach me more technology applications! 




Spend some time over the summer with this website -- not only can you use it to review the tools we've used this year (Blogger, GCast, wikis, Facebook, and so on . . . ), but there are also plenty of materials on polling tools, virtual worlds, mobile learning tools, and much more!!


Fall 2009 will bring . . . well frankly, we don't know what Fall 2009 will bring, so we'd appreciate your feedback. Do we want a repeat of this year's tools, or advanced sessions? Or a "best of" series, where you vote on which types of tools we should bring back, spending one Tuesday a month on the basics, and the next on advanced? Give us your input, please!

  1. Can you embed YouTube videos directly into blogger?
  2. How does the Bb blog articulate with the blogger? Can it handle mobile uploads? 
  3. How does the RSS feed work on the user’s end?  Does the subscriber need to have the RSS window open all the time? Is it worth while if I am only going to post once a week, etc.?
  4. How do you get headline creepers to your email account??? Is it even possible????
  5. Can I just put up a url for gcast in my bb site without having to put in the player?  i'm still a little unclear about playlists.
  6. Which files/audio and video are compatible with Windows Media Maker?
  7. My video on YouTube seems to be in an odd format, allowing me to 'annotate' it.  I think it's in .wmv format.  Is that right? 
  8. How can all of my students to work on same Excel file?
  9. Any advantages to using Seesmic vs. YouTube?
  10. Benefits of one hosting site (YouTube, Google Video, Vimeo) over another?

1. I don't see why not, but I would just check that extensive plug-in list that is available on the Blogger site.

2. Blackboard tries to be so many things to so many people that its specific tools (like blogs or wikis) are going to be very basic and limited when compared to Web 2.0 sites that specialize in those areas as their only product. To answer the question, no, the Bb blog will not handle mobile uploads. You can provide a link within Bb to your blog at a more sophisticated site, or embed a player from that site into Bb.

3. The subscriber can get their feed in a number of ways -- he/she can be notified via email or text of new items, in which case all he/she has to do is check email or phone. If the feed goes to the subscriber's blog or social networking site, then he/she would have to check the site for updates.

4. Headline creepers? Our guess is that you mean some kind of animated banner? We tested the use of an animated banner (created at http://www.3dtextmaker.com) in an email that we sent via cgcmail on Mozilla Thunderbird, and we were indeed able to include a "creeping" headline in the message.

5. Yes, GCast can provide you with a URL.

6. Check out the workshop Session#11 page -- Linda created a great set of WMM handouts, including a list of WMM-compatible files.


7. No idea, but I will look into it!


8. I believe google docs has a spreadsheet-sharing ability; it's not excel, exactly, but it might work for you.


9. That's very interesting -- now that YouTube allows users to leave video comments to videos, it is a lot like Seesmic. One feature of Seesmic that I like is the player that you can embed in your webpage -- it has a "tray" at the bottom that shows a thumbnail of each person who has gotten in on the video conversation.


10. I'd say that the benefits of one site over another are probably case-by-case. For example, YouTube has more and more features, but I found that it totally messed up the audio on my original Digital Storytelling files. They worked fine on Vimeo. I'll look around for a comparison chart, though! 


What does Domo eat?

Domo eats any of Mary's baked goods, and he also eats faculty members who don't give their feedback about the Technology Tuesdays series! ;-) 





More questions???




Discussion about Web 2.0 Tools & Workshop


  • How are faculty using Web 2.0 Tools?
    • Participant Feedback:
      •   http://www.professorbahampsychology.blogspot.com/ - Instructor's blog for Psychology class
      • Alternative to a typical assignment, using blogs to view videos and then respond to discussion questions.
      • Posting videos to Blackboard in Math and using Timetoast,
      • Embedding lab technique videos for Chemistry.
      • Use Eventbrite for division meeting attendance.
      • Oil on the Brain colloborating with Web 2.0 tools.
      • Using song clips for discussions, videos for discussions, wikis used for journals, meeting minutes.
      • Made video using Jing to format document for students,
      • Using Wiki possibly for First Year Composition, collecting responses from faculty, alternative to excess email.
      • Polleverywhere, time saver, ask questions over reading materials.
      • Online voice announcements, students enjoy hearing the instructor's voice.
      • Librarian's Summer Project using Web 2.0 Tools, Jing, Wikis. etc.
      • Librarian's created Blog, Ask a Librarian--Youtube search: "Ask a Librarian"
      • Spanish 102 class, using Garage Band to submit voice assignments.
      • Getting comfortable with tools, ex. Facebook. 
      • Links to health related videos for clinical nursing courses.  How to do a health interview?  Better than a class role play, students evaluate the videos, good/bad.
      • Dimdim for webconferencing to merge Williams and Pecos.  Used Buzzword, but no simultaneous editing, went back to Google Docs. 
      • Twitter postings about what was going on in class.  Keeping track
      • Livescribe pen demo by David Weaver.  Check out his facebook page for more information on how he is using it in the classroom.
  • How are faculty planning to use Web 2.0 tools in the future?
    • Participant Feedback:




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