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Session 19: Webpages with Weebly

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Weebly is an unebelievably simple tool that allows ANYONE to build a webpage - all you need to do is drag and drop the elements that you want (text, photos, text with photos, videos, photo galleries, forms, surveys . . . ) onto your page. It's that easy!!!


Be sure to go to the educators' version -- http://education.weebly.com -- to have access to tools especially for educators (the homework submission form, where students can submit a file right on your webpage, is one great example).


TIME TO THINK: How will you use the website that you create? To deliver material? To house multimedia, then link to the page from inside Blackboard? For student projects? ePortfolios? Here are some sample weebly page (and uses):


  • http://economicsrocks.weebly.com/ - Just messing around, incorporating various multemedia elements (changing template image, adding photo gallery, adding YouTube video) 
  • http://drmcglasson.weebly.com  - "Of Cabbages & Kings" is my generic site name when I'm not sure yet what my site will be about. I was practicing photo editing to create the banner. 



  • "How to Create a Weebly Account" handout
  • "How to Create a Weebly Account" video demo





  • "How to Create a Webpage with Weebly" handout
  • "How to Create a Webpage with Weebly" video demo




  • "How to Edit Your Weebly Webpage" handout
  • "How to Edit Your Weebly Webpage" video demo


     Here's a sample webpage - just click on the image if you want to go to the actual page to look around:




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