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Session 45: Search the Web More Effectively

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Here's a useful resource: The Guidebook to Internet Searching, from MakeUseOf.com.



From the Forbes article,  "10 Cool Search Engine Tips":





1. Dictionary

define (your term here)

    2. Calculator

(your calculation here) =

    3. Travel Advisor

(Airline) (flight number)

.   4. Currency Converter

(units of currency to be converted) in (second currency)

     5. Savant

(pose a specific question)

     6. Help Desk

(pose a specific Help Desk question)

.   7. Specialized Search


site: (url of website)  (search term)


filetype: (filetype) "(search term)" 

    8. Yellow Pages

(zip code)  (search term)

9. Caller ID

area code (specific area code)



10. Librarian

(search term), then click Search Web


(search term), then click Search News





Alternative Search Engines - it doesn't have to be Google.


 Visual-interface search engines, rather than text interface:

  •  http://www.spezify.com - general topic search engine
  • http://redz.com - general topic search engine; gives you thumbnails of the webpages that you navigate by sliding back and forth (works like the Apple file navigation interface)
  • http://www.qwiki.com/ - general topic search engine, but the results are presented in video format.


Image search engines (most of these search Flickr images):


Video search engines:



There are many, MANY more search engines out there -- spend a little time right now to explore:


DISCUSSION: Pros & Cons of the different engines?

Can you think of a specific project or assignment that you give your students that might be better served by using one of these alternative engines?



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Comments (1)

Veronica said

at 12:46 pm on Aug 19, 2009

Cool handout for the Search Engine Tips! So useful! Thanks! I also like typing in "weather 78411" for a quick weather update and "movies 78411" for a listing of all movies in my area. Though those aren't very "academic" tips. ;0)

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