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"He who dares to teach must never cease to learn."

- Anonymous



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How Technology is Facilitating Education  | Infographic |
Via:Masters in Education.org






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"Care to learn with me?" -mjm

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 Here's another "get ya thinking" video -- "Web 2.0: What Motivates Learning?"


The Change the World program is on eduTecher.net . . .










Change the World


eduTechers Change the World is a way for all of us to make a difference in the world by doing something small. Every day teachers have the opportunity to make a difference in their classroom. When I started eduTecher in late 2007, it was designed as a site to help people learn about new Web Tools and free educational technology resources that they could use in the classroom. In the past three years the site has continually evolved and added a host of features, including an iPhone application and upcoming Android application – all in the hopes that what I am putting out there will help other educators, their students, and parents.

The term eduTecher came about because I thought it would be a clever way to describe educators that used technology. It is not a misspelling of “teacher” as many people had conjectured. Rather it is a made up term that describes all of us. It is a term about people. And that’s what eduTechers Change the World is all about. People who are coming together to make a difference.

I want to impact real change – and I hope I can inspire you to do the same as well.

I propose we all join together, all of the eduTechers of the world and make a real difference. I have decided to donate one (1) US cent per every unique visitor to my website starting October 1st and culminating on November 25th, the American Thanksgiving Holiday. During the last week of November I will poll people on my site, via a one-time Email campaign, and on Twitter as to which of five (5) educational charities the money that was raised should go to.

I sincerely hope you will support this effort by having your students, teachers, parents, and colleagues use the sites both as a resource full of helpful information and exciting learning tools and as a way to make a small difference for someone else in the world without reaching into their pockets.

eduTecher is a completely free resource. We have no ads or sponsors, nor do we push any products or website subscriptions. Therefore, eduTechers Change the World is not a gimmick or ploy and will not generate any revenue for the site. It is simply a lesson in charity for the educational technology community to be a part of and, hopefully, embrace.


My Fellow “Connected Educators”, by creating, sharing, and collaborating on content on a regular basis, you are helping others all the time. Our reach goes well beyond our classroom or schools and through the use of technology we often extend our reach to the entire world.

I have created a blog/website badge that I hope you will display on your sites which will show your support of this charitable event and link to the eduTechers Change the World donation page. Alternatively, or in addition to this, I would ask that should you like the idea and want your blog, feed, or site to become a part of this charitable movement, you display the badge on your site and conduct the same type of donation system for your visitors. I will be happy to provide any help I can in terms of the way I am running the event on my site.


Small change (no pun intended) will be a very powerful message for our students, showing them how something so small, and seemingly insignificant, can have real impact on the world we live in. And the beauty of it all is that not only are the visitors to the site learning something, but also they are also a part of the charity and can help choose where their “donation” goes.

Thank you so very much!

Feel free to contact me with any comments/questions.

Adam Bellow

Founder, eduTecher.net







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