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Breaking that MidSemester Slump with Weebly

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In this class, each student is assigned a research country (the students help create the list of research countries, which are then randomly assigned), and then complete a series of four assignments over the semester, each one addressing a section of the course content -- Resources, Macroeconomic Goals, Government Policies, and Trade.


The content of the written assignments must be included in the student's own Weebly website:



When asked, "WHAT TYPE of class activity contributed most to your success and understanding of economics this semester?", here were some of the student responses:

  • "Building a Website on weebly, it has taught me to delegate my time wisely."


  • "I enjoyed creating our website because it allowed us to learn about another country as well as use the material we had learned in the course and apply it to a real life situation (i.e. our country)."


  • "For me doing the country analyst website really helped me put into use all of what i learned this semester. Because i got to use the tools i learned and actually use them in present times on a different country that was really a big help for me."


  • "The website development was an awesome way to sum up everything in the lectures and discussions that we learned. It made it a lot clearer for me to actually go in and analyze a country for myself. It made me learn into the information more then just listening to the lectures and making notes on them."


  • "I loved the use of technology in this course. I was blown away by all of the resources and utilities that you used this semester. Between Weebly, the txting service survey and your youtube videos, I enjoyed the class alot."


  • "I LOVED the website development portion of the class. I consider myself to be fairly tech savvy but had never used Weebly, nor had I attempted to create a website in any other fashion. I was intimidated when I first learned of the assignment but it wound up being very manageable and was worth learning how to do. It was also an excellent opportunity for hands on learning. Thank you."


Weebly is an unbelievably simple tool that allows ANYONE to build a webpage - all you need to do is drag and drop the elements that you want (text, photos, text with photos, videos, photo galleries, forms, surveys, blogs . . . ) onto your page. It's that easy!!!


Be sure to go to the educators' version -- http://education.weebly.com -- to have access to tools especially for educators (the homework submission form, where students can submit a file right on your webpage, is one great example).


I have had students freak out on me because they create more than 5 pages in their websites, but not everything shows up when they hit "Publish" - that's because they did NOT go to the Education site to create their account, as instructed; instead, they went to the general Weebly site. Not to worry, though; even if you created your site in the general Weebly area, you can log in to your account via the Education page, and you will be asked if you wish to convert to an Education account (the answer is "Yes!").


 With the basic (free) account, you can create two separate websites free of charge. Also, Weebly has the capability to have multiple editors of one website, so it would be great for group projects, as well.


    Uses for Weebly:

  • Create a public webpage with basic information about you and/or your courses for prospective students.
  • Small-group projects
  • Individual projects



  • How do YOU see using websites for class assignments or projects?
  • Do you have any existing assignments or projects that would work well as a website project?


    Grading Websites in Canvas:


    Need resources to get started?




Just for today, each of you will be a student in my Weebly class - I have created Weebly student accounts for all of you to work in (creating your own account is a snap, though, so if you'd prefer to do that, just follow the instructions above). To get started, go to http://students.weebly.com, and enter the username and password that you just received.


For this activity, complete the following assignment (if you would rather use your time today creating a website of your own, please feel free):




Create a website that contains the following four pages:


  1. Home page - includes a short overview of why students might be interested in taking a course in your discipline area.
  2. Course page - create a description of at least one of the courses that you teach, and important concepts students will have mastered when they complete your class.
  3. Blog page - create one blog entry -- perhaps a "re-cap of today" sort of thing.
  4. "About Me" page - give a visitor to your site some background info on you.





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